Investigator, Scuba Diver, Prankster

  • Electrical tape
  • camcorder
  • covert camera bluetooth ear piece
  • sunglasses
  • Visine tired eye relief
  • hair clip
  • do everything knife
  • Sig P938, aka Teddy Bear
  • extra mag
  • house key
  • car keys with a cross knife key chain
  • my actual bluetooth ear piece used with my phone
  • my actual phone
  • smarties
  • chap stick
  • eyeliner
  • lighter
  • iphone 4 serves as back up internet and backup covert camera
  • wireless internet for all my electronics
  • passport
  • credentials
  • cash and change
  • badge

From the Editor: I love the way you suck up to the publisher, especially the legacy Pursuit Magazine logo. Nice.