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About Pursuit Magazine

Pursuit is the leading educational media publisher for professional investigators, with editorial emphasis on creative and proven investigative techniques, smart use of technology, ethics, and business leadership.

Written by, for, and about the most creative thinkers in the industry, Pursuit aims to lead the conversation about the future of how we gather and use information.

As an online community of professional sleuths, Pursuit offers a platform for sharing innovative ideas and business models, ways to integrate new technology with old-school gumshoe know-how, and hard-won lessons from the field. And for the curious outsider, Pursuit is a front door to a world of mystery and intrigue, a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of real spies and PIs.

Launched by L. Scott Harrell as an informal e-zine for PIs, bail bondsmen, process servers, attorneys, and other security and legal professionals, Pursuit has morphed into a clearinghouse of information for truth seekers of all stripes, from detectives to journalists. We don’t have all the answers, but it’s a conversation that’s constantly evolving. We hope you’ll join in.

Thomas H. Humphreys, CFE
Executive Editor, Pursuit Magazine
Owner, [FIND] Investigations