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Want to share your story with Pursuit Magazine? Check out the guidelines below.

Thanks so much for your interest in becoming a guest author. We’re happy to consider unsolicited stories and pitches.

At Pursuit Magazine, we aim to provide useful and timely information by and for professional investigators. We publish articles in the following categories:

The Business — Tips and techniques for the work we do: investigative tools, tricks of the trade, ethical and legal issues, technology and innovation, and Internet resources for investigators.

The Pitch — On marketing, branding your agency, getting your message out, and selling yourself.

The Life — A glimpse behind the curtain into the investigator’s world: on detectives in art and media, sleuths in the news, the gumshoe in popular culture.

What kind of articles are you looking for?

We favor well-written stories with personality and authority, on subjects relevant to the investigations industry. We want articles that challenge our thinking, teach us something, or convey an idea or technique you’ve learned during your years in the field. We also value well-researched articles that surprise and illuminate us.

If your article is a sales pitch, please see our advertising guidelines.

How long should the story be?

It’s harder to write a short story than a long one; most pieces (especially how-tos) work best in a range of 500-1500 words, and 600-800 is a particular sweet spot. However, we’re happy to consider longer stories if they’re well-structured and interesting. The main thing is this: Make every word count.

If you do want to write a longer piece, break it up into sections with simple sub-headers.

How do I send my story?

When submitting an electronic file, please save your article as a Word document and e-mail it as an attachment. If your document happens to be in 12 pt, Times New Roman font, double spaced, with a single space between each sentence, we will experience very positive feelings toward you. Be sure your name and email address are included in the document, and add a short bio at the end. (And yes, we are happy to link back to your business site in the bio.)

If you have images to share, so much the better! Send those as jpeg attachments, 2MB or smaller, and be sure you own all relevant rights and permissions.

Please do not format your document with bullet points or numbering or drop any images into the document itself.

Be straight with me: How can I maximize my odds of getting a “yes”?

It’s easy: Send us a story so good you’d want to read it yourself. Make it interesting, succinct, and information-packed. Add a little personality, maybe some humor. And be diligent about proofreading. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Write complete sentences. Organize your story well, with a beginning, middle, and end. Add a great title, tagline, and subheadings for each section.

Do send us the most polished draft possible. Try to use the most up-to-date information, and be sure to double-check your sources. If you cite facts and statistics, please include the source you used (with links, if possible). Always include attribution when you quote someone directly. (note: Copy-pasting from another site and changing a few phrases is not OK. Some people actually do this.)

Know that your article will be edited and fact-checked if we accept it for publication in Pursuit. We will always let you review the edits before we publish.

We’ll try to read and respond to articles within two weeks of receiving them. If you don’t hear back in that time, feel free to send us a gentle nudge. Unfortunately, we can’t publish all submissions, but we do try to offer honest and timely feedback. If we decline to publish your submission, don’t despair. Our choice of articles depends on many things: If we haven’t published on the subject recently, if the idea feels fresh and new, and if the writer tells the story in an authoritative and engaging fashion, we’ll most likely take it, with pleasure.

We prefer to have exclusive rights to your story for 30 days, so please let us know if it’s been published elsewhere.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our content and style by reviewing past articles. Think about the subjects you know well that haven’t been explored yet. And if you really want to ingratiate yourself to the Deciding Editor, download and read the Pursuit Magazine Style Manual.

What’s in it for me?

At this time, Pursuit does not pay for articles, but we do offer a valuable opportunity for you to get the word out about your work and your company. With your article, we’ll include a short author bio (1-3 sentences), a link to your website, and any contact information that you specify with your article. It’s a chance for you to reach 7,000 daily visitors to, as well as 8,700 subscribers to the Pursuit Magazine RSS feed and 4,000 followers via social networking. Your article and contact information will be archived online indefinitely. Additionally, we often grant permission to other online and offline outlets to syndicate our articles, meaning increased exposure for your name and agency.

If your article is accepted by our editors, you also grant Pursuit Magazine permission to promote it by using your article in different media, keeping all contact and bio information intact. It’s a great way to get your name out there into the ether, and to establish yourself as a prominent voice in your chosen field.

Thank you for your submission. Please send articles and pitches for review to managing editor Kim Green.

Thomas H. Humphreys
Executive Editor, Pursuit Magazine