Jim McLeod

Jim McLeod serves as president of InfoCode Corp, a geo database integration company.  While overseeing the day-to-day operations, he participates with startup and operations of other technology ventures…all the while, managing a family of 6 children.

Connect with Jim

e-mail: jim [at] storyboardemp [dot] com
Website: InfoCode
LinkedIn: Jim McLeod

Executive Editor
Hal Humphreys

Hal Humphreys is founder/lead investigator of [FIND] Investigations, a PI agency in Nashville, TN. When he’s not interviewing witnesses or surveilling the unwitting, he’s also a writer, radio producer, hiker, and fly fisherman.

Connect with Hal

e-mail: hal [at] storyboardemp [dot] com
Website: [FIND] Investigations
Twitter: @FINDPI

Managing Editor
Kim Green

Kim Green is a writer, public radio producer, and occasional flight instructor. She’s produced stories for NPR  and Marketplace, and was editor & translator of Red Sky, Black Death, a Soviet combat airwoman’s memoir of WWII.

Connect with Kim

e-mail: kim [at] storyboardemp [dot] com
Website: The Greenery
Twitter: @aviatrixkim

Ruben Roel

Ruben Roel is a PI and serves as a Regional Manager for Abacus Research & Investigations. He’s a web designer that breathes through the internet. He’s also the founder of Investigator Marketing, and is a man of mystery and power whose power is exceeded only by his wife.

Connect with Ruben

e-mail: ruben [at]
Website: Investigator Marketing
Twitter: @RubenRoel

Stephanie Mitchell

Stephanie Mitchell is the operations manager at Storyboard EMP, LLC.  She assists in the daily operations of our education entity PI Education. In addition she is the  advertising representative for Pursuit Magazine.  Stephanie has 22 years of combined experience as a manager, a private investigator and paralegal.  During her leisure time, she is devoted to her family and her dogs. She plays soccer, enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, and exploring.

Connect with Stephanie

e-mail: stephanie [at] storyboardemp [dot] com
Websites: LinkedIn